Order Taking


Order Taking

Order taking makes the business world go ‘round. Order taking requires people skills, product knowledge and operational accuracy

Order Taking Insurance Call Center


call center

Outsourcing your company insurance call center tasks means freeing agents to devote their full attention to their customers, one case at a time.

Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing

inbound & outbound


Your company needs talented sales professionals that can make the connec tions you need to make, and generate the hot leads you want to follow.


Increase Sales & Profits Save Time & Money

Let live interaction with your e-commerce website provide the Internet's highest available degree of successful sales, real-time customer service, toll-free call answering, instant live-rep callbacks and real-time on-site Java-based interactive chat.

Agent Call Back Features Live Agent/Customer Interaction

Ordertaking .com will personalize your sales department, expedite your order department, and increase your realtime customer service department by interacting with your customers and our professional staff so they can talk to each other, on or off the web.

Ordertaking .com provides live sales, real-time customer service. We specialize in order taking services and call center support, and we are insurance call center and order taking experts. Ordertaking .com will improve your company's order center and order taking processes, no matter what your business does. Retail and web store order taking, finance, higher education, business-to-business services, or insurance call center support… we can be your company's order taking service.

Your customers and clients rely on your company, and appreciate your reputation for consistently providing excellent customer service. Don't risk their good will by entrusting just any order center with your valuable business. Every order taker employed by your order service makes an impact on your client base. Make sure that your callers turn into satisfied returning customers by partnering with an order service that effectively sells your products and services, and provides exceptional customer service that seamlessly integrates into your existing operations. Ordertaking .com's state of the art, personable order taking service offers fully-integrated order service. We're easily able to accommodate your company's inbound call volume and the size of your catalog or sales line.

Our order service can be completely customized for your company’s needs. When you call us, we’ll create a comprehensive solution that fits your business, products and services.

Insurance Industry Specialists

Ordertaking .com's outstanding service to the insurance industry guarantees that your clients receive an exceptional level of customer care and support. We are an experienced insurance call center, and can serve as backup support for your representatives on a full-time or part-time basis. Recent ACSI surveys show that US insurance call center callers overwhelmingly prefer speaking with intelligent, well-spoken insurance company representatives who will patiently answer their questions and process their requests. When customers receive unsatisfactory telephone support from their insurance company's call and order center, they’re more likely to change their relationship with you. Insurance customers are more inclined to do business with companies that employ US-based customer service representatives than those that outsource to overseas call centers. Ordertaking .com can provide insurance call center support to a wide range of insurance companies, individual brokers, agents and groups.

When you are ready to create an easily affordable, practical order taking solution that satisfies your client’s needs, and the needs of your business, give Ordertaking .com a call. A helpful representative is ready to speak with you about your company's unique needs, and design a customized order taking plan for your business.