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Most insurance policy holders are unaware that when they first contact their insurance company to report damage or theft, they are contacting a FNOL Call Center. When firm makes the important decision to outsource your FNOL Call Center to Ordertaking.com, we’ll help callers make a seamless, professional connection when they report a loss of property, a First Notice of Loss.  

The Ordertaking .com FNOL Call Center operates 24/ 7, 365-days a year, providing excellence in customer service and accurately capturing claims data.   

Since 1969 Ordertaking .com, has provided a complete FNOL Call Center entirely based in the USA. Our FNOL Call Center representatives have the latest technology. Ordertaking.com is fully staffed to meet your insureds’ needs: we customer service representatives who are articulate, bilingual speakers of several languages, including Spanish, and who have experience in various aspects of the insurance industry. FNOL Call Center staff work quickly to answer claim calls, update customer databases, and provide outstanding customer service to all callers, policyholders and agents.  

Ordertaking .com’s FNOL Call Center works swiftly to assist callers. All calls at their FNOL Call Center are answered by live operators within five seconds of the first ring, understanding the importance of providing prompt, courteous customer service, especially in FNOL Call Center applications.  

Ordertaking .com performs many useful tasks for insurers beyond the FNOL Call Center incident capture.  Data received and recorded by FNOL Call Center staff can be quickly accesses and downloaded for quick retrieval. Ordertaking .com agents swiftly answer calls and can answer detailed questions from policyholders and agents through accessing insurance company databases.  

FNOL Call Center staff receives ongoing training. FNOL Call Center representatives are thoroughly screened before they are hired. New FNOL Call Center employees receive rigorous training on FNOL Call Center procedures, as well as a review of good customer service skills. Coupling the latest equipment with properly trained FNOL Call Center personnel separates Orderaking.com from its competitors. Our FNOL Call Center is designed to provide excellence in customer service to our clients and their callers.  

Insurers frequently outsource all tasks involved in running their customer service divisions, and so Ordertaking.com specializes in creating customizable solutions and script writing, and creating scripts for FNOL Call Center applications is our specialty. All FNOL Call Center services and systems are supported by competent IT technicians and programmers. Meticulous voice recording and data backup systems are in place to ensure that the FNOL Call Center runs smoothly, especially during times when Ordertaking.com experiences a high volume of inbound claim calls.  

The Ordertaking .com FNOL Call Center provides the insurance industry with well-spoken, courteous operators and customer service representatives. Their knowledge and skills are developed around providing excellence in client relationship building through better customer service and accurate, FNOL Call Center claims reporting. Choosing Ordertaking .com’s FNOL Call Center expertise will assist your insurance customers in connecting you’re your company, quickly and professionally during stressful situations.

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